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Serenity offers a variety of massage to meet your needs, from light to medium pressure to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, and stimulate circulation to deep pressure concentrated on relieving muscular tension, spasms and more. The bodywork techniques we utilize relieve stress, ease pain, promote well-being, stimulate vitality, and energize ones body. Ask one of our therapists to learn more about which treatment would benefit your needs.

 Customized massage treatments

Here at Total Serenity:
You create the perfect massage for you! From stress relief, to pain relief or anything in-between; you can choose any of the following therapies to incorporate into your massage.

Swedish Massage A relaxing treatment which includes long, flowing strokes. This technique has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness, improving function in patients with osteoarthritis, and increasing  circulation.

 Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage Athletes or those with physical injuries, carpal tunnel, chronic pain or fibromyalgia find this massage style beneficial in getting below the surface of the top muscles to deeper, tighter areas. Therapists may use facilitated stretching, elbows or forearms to apply deeper pressure than is given in a Swedish massage. 

Trigger Point Therapy Hyperirritable, painful spots are referred to as trigger points, which "refer" pain to other parts of the body. These knots build up over time due to chronic "holding". Massage therapists focus on these areas, applying localized pressure to melt away the tension and increase circulation.

Lymphatic Massage -A delicate massage used to stimulate the body's lymphatic system, which helps to improve metabolism and the immune system, and also helps to eliminate toxins from tissues. This treatment is beneficial for edema, people with sluggish immune systems, or those suffering from lack of energy.

Myofascial Release A massage technique that stretches and releases bonds between fascia and muscles to help eliminate or alleviate pain. This usually involves   applying shear compression or tension in various directions, or by skin rolling. 

Mother-to-Be Massage - Enjoy tranquil relaxation while receiving relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and pain in the lower back, neck, hips and legs that are commonly experienced while pregnant. Increased circulation can help reduce swelling and reduce swelling and reduced stress on weight bearing joints.

Customized Massage Prices:

30 Minutes - $45.00
45 Minutes - $55.00
60 Minutes - $65.00
75 Minutes - $85.00
90 Minutes - $100.00

Sports Massage - A sports massage session is a quick 15 to 30 minutes of warming up key muscles in preparation of endurance or intense exertion for optimal performance. In addition, it is recommended within an hour or two for post-event recovery to help the body normalize by relaxing the muscles, releasing lactic acid and preventing soreness or cramping. Sport massage also focuses on increasing circulation and the prevention of healing of muscle and tendon injuries. It is very beneficial for those with chronic pain such as frozen shoulder, tender joints from running or other injuries causing limited range of motion.  


Couples Massage Looking to spend some quality time with a loved one or your best friend? Perhaps you would enjoy the benefits a couple's massage can offer. This treatment can be done in the same or in separate rooms. Please specify when booking. Signature Massage Treatments are available for upgrade at an addition cost.  


Couples - 30 min ~ $90  60 min ~ $110  90 min ~ $180



Tranquil Tuesdays - Huge Savings!!! - Come in for a 90-minute massage on Tuesdays and only pay the price of a 60-minute massage! Normally $100, get a 90-minute massage for $65!!!

Lunch Special - Between 11am-3pm  Monday - Friday, get a 30 minute massage for $30! (normally $45)

Total Serenity Wellness Club - For those serious about maintaining a healthy body and mind, ask about the Total Serenity Wellness Club, where you receive massages on a regular basis at a discounted price. We have numerous packages to choose from according to your specific needs.

Bridal Packages - Brides can treat themselves to a 60 minute facial and a 60 minute massage for only $99.