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Laser therapy

Serenity Massage & Aesthetics believes in healing the body naturally and completely. That’s why we offer a non-invasive, pain-free way to help with smoking cessation with no harmful side-effects. Serenity, along with Northern Illinois Medical Group (a holistic medical group), truly want you to succeed in your commitment to become a non-smoker.

During the treatment, an FDA-approved class three laser is used to stimulate trigger points on the hands, ears and face. It is a low level cold laser (no heat is involved) so there is no chance of burning. The laser stimulates the central nervous system to release an overproduction of the body’s natural opiate-like chemicals (“feel-good” chemicals) which last around 30 days. These chemicals diminish or even eliminate the discomfort associated with quitting smoking.

Along with the laser treatment appointments, clients will have an opportunity to talk with a doctor at Northern Illinois Medical Group about any ongoing concerns they may have. Additional benefits are included at Serenity Massage & Aesthetics when you enroll in the smoking program. Call 815.316.1003 today for more information.

The Dangers of Smoking

There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, including:

• Acetone (nail polish remover)
• Ammonia (toilet cleaner)
• Arsenic (ant poison)
• Butane (lighter fluid)
• Cadmium (batteries)
• Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust)
• Cyanide (rat poison)
• Formaldehyde (preserves dead bodies)
• Lead (metal)
• Tar (used to make roads)

Smoking causes a myriad of serious health problems. For example:

• Lung cancer
• Emphysema
• Impotence
• Lung disease
• Macular degeneration
• Heart attacks
• Pneumonia
• Blood Clots

And these are only just a few of the reasons not to smoke…

Smoking is an Addiction

Like drugs or alcohol, smoking is an addiction. And when making a commitment to cease partaking in harmful yet addictive substances, there are lifestyle changes you have to make. Just eliminating the daily routine of smoking cigarettes is not enough – there are many other changes you can implement to improve your chances of success, which we will discuss with you. Getting your friends and family involved and having a strong support network is very important. We will be there during the smoking program to help encourage you – we also offer counseling sessions through certified stress/marriage/family counselors at NIMG.

Why You Become Addicted

Normally, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and other opiate-like peptides that create a heightened sense of pleasure and satisfaction are automatically released in the body on an as needed basis. Different parts of the brain are stimulated in the anticipation, reception, and gratification of “reward behavior”. The brain releases these chemicals and maintains a state of balance in the body called homeostasis.

When someone smokes a cigarette, over 4,000 chemicals (including nicotine) are inhaled and quickly passed throughout the body. When they reach the brain, a manual neurological response occurs and causes a release of the opiate-like chemicals. Over time, repetitive manual triggering of the reward system leads to a serious chemical imbalance because of the forced release (cigarette) - along with the autonomic release - occurring simultaneously.

The brain, meanwhile, tries to regulate and maintain a proper chemical balance by slowing down or even ceasing the autonomic time release of chemicals needed for normal neurological function to maintain a desired level of chemicals in the body. The brain starts to wait for the trigger (the cigarette) before it releases the chemicals, and it is the absence of this natural time release that causes “withdrawal symptoms”. Withdrawal symptoms come in many forms, including loss of concentration, depression, sleep disturbance and irritability.

Basically, when one starts smoking, the brain slows down or altogether stops systematically producing natural “feel-good” chemicals the body needs to maintain homeostasis (a healthy balance of body chemicals). This is because the ingredients in the cigarette force the brain to release the same “feel-good” chemicals, causing a chemical overload, and so it stops producing them naturally throughout the day. So, the only way a smoker can get the natural chemicals the body needs on a regular basis throughout the day is through smoking a cigarette.